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Ranch Remuda


Registered AQHA 2014 Sorrel Gelding 

Top of the working string! Seen lots of solid miles in all kinds of weather. Been used for everyday ranch work. Fixing fence lines, daily cattle health checks, pasture rotations with a dog under foot. Sorting in tight corals, moving mature bulls, doctoring calves. Has been in an arena and working well on the heading side, has lots of potential there!  Big motor , very athletic, tracks a cow well and has speed and endurance. He is built to be a performance horse, solid ranch foundation ready to take to the next level! Will be hard to see this one leave. To approved home only! Will be for sale in near future. Contact Bill for more information.



Grade 2006 Quarter Horse/Draft Cross Bay Gelding  

Time to find the perfect semi-retirement home

Drifter is 17yo and deserves to move onto a slower paced home. He has been the go to "backcountry" horse for many years. He is an excellent Trail/Mountain Horse, ride alone or with a group, he will go anywhere you ask him. He has been used for camping, hunting trips, finding cattle on range, checking and fixing fence lines. He is not fast, but has a great trot and is very sturdy for a larger rider. He has not been used for roping. He has been used lots for moving cattle but he is not cowy. He is big and stable, prefers an experienced confident rider. Good natured and easy to have around. He can sit all winter then tack up and ride off alone with no problems. He is no longer 100% sound. After a good ride he is starting to favor his front left. Keeping front shoes on him helps. He doesn't show signs of pain but he will require shoes and perhaps some supplements to keep him in shape for mountain trips. If you feel you would be a good fit for him please feel free to make us an offer.

Approved home only! Contact Bill for more information. 



Registered 2018 AQHA Bay Mare

She will get her share of the ranch work here in 2023 and we will see what her future holds! She has seen outside miles, has been used heeling for team roping, pasture doctored and moving/sorting cattle. This mare is high class and would fit well into being someone's one and only, She enjoys being pampered and would fit into a stable environment extremely well. Being worked here for 2023 but open to inquiries.



Grade 2018 QuarterPonyX Black Mare

Born on our Ranch. Mother was a good working papered Ranch mare. Sire was a 13.3hh pony stud. Due to a busy schedule and being of a smaller frame Phillis was lightly started then was left to grow she then had 30 days as a 4yo. She will see full work in 2023. Very bold and confident personality, great forward movement. Standing at 14hh she would make a great sport pony prospect or Ranch Quarter Pony. Currently not for sale.