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Every year we have the following for sale:

- Registered 2 Year old Breeding Bulls

- Feeder Steers / 4-H Show Steers

- Commercial & Registered Open Replacement Heifers

- Registered Bred Heifers / Cows

Check back often for updates on cattle for sale!

Updated: November 1, 2022


Sale Format
 This is a private-treaty sale with a “First choice” silent bid-off! Bulls are available for viewing at the Ranch by appointment.
 - As of November 1st the pen is “Open for Sale” we will be accepting offers on bulls, in-person, by phone, or email.
 - To partake in the “First choice” silent bid-off, ALL offers must be submitted by November 20th.
 - Each animal is assigned a price, If multiple parties place an offer on an animal, those parties will be contacted and a silent
    bidding process will commence between the interested parties in $250 increments, the animal will then be sold to the        highest offer.
-  On November 21st, bulls with offers will be dealt with in order from most action to least.
  - Unsuccessful bidders will thus have the opportunity to place an offer on any remaining bulls at that point if they choose.
  - After November 21st all remaining bulls will sell privately in a “First come first served” basis.
              If you want the opportunity to have “FIRST CHOICE” of the group please contact us by November 20th!


To Very Nice People


To Very Nice People


To Very Nice People


To Very Nice People

Below is a PDF version of our Bull Book, you can view here or Download directly to your computer or phone.

Sale Terms & Conditions:
 - Payment: 50% holding deposit at time of selection is required and remaining 50% before animal leaves Copper-T Ranch.
- All bulls are sold with the condition that they will remain at Copper-T Ranch until completion of semen test in March 2023.   Unless a private agreement has been made.
 - Sale price is all inclusive, there will be no extra charges for wintering, registration transfers, semen testing, or any     medication given while in our possession.
 - All animals are selling under the terms and conditions of the Canadian Hereford Association; all animals are registered and will be transferred upon completion of payment.
- All Bulls are sold with a breeding and soundness guarantee.
 - If your selected bull gets injured or fails semen or soundness evaluation before leaving Copper-T a full return of your  deposit is refunded or transferred to an available bull of your choice.
 - Bulls will be semen tested and evaluated by a certified veterinarian in March 2023 before they leave the ranch.
 - Should something happen to your purchase during the first breeding season, we will work with you to ensure your cows get bred!
 - All bulls regardless of purchase date will remain at Copper-T Ranch for development and winter feeding free of charge until April 1, 2023. Unless a private agreement has been made. 

 - Boarding fee of $8/day will apply after April 1st, all bulls must be picked up by June 1st, 2023.
 - Insurance is highly recommended, but all risk will remain with Copper-T Ranch until April 1st.
Copper-T Ranch – 8212 Stella Road: From Highway 16, turn on to Stella Road (a hard right before the Esso Station on the Stellat’en Reserve). The Ranch Yard is located only 4 km down Stella Road on the left hand side. Look for the big red and white buildings.
We offer free delivery of your purchase(s) within 200 km of Fraser Lake, BC. For buyers who live farther away or out of province we will do our best to personally provide or work with you to arrange cost effective transport and ensure your bull arrives safely and in a timely manner.


How much to your Bulls usually sell for?   

   Typically our Bulls sale prices range from $5,000.00 - $8,500.00 

How long do you have bulls available?

   We have bulls for sale until they are all sold! Some years we are sold out by February other years we have a few for sale into      May. Every year is different but we recommend selecting your bull(s) early if you are interested!  

How can we help?

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Ranch Direct Feeder Steers

Annually we have steer calves for sale, whether you are a 4H member looking for your next show steer, a small farm enthusiast looking to grow your own beef or a small finishing lot. Buying ranch direct can have a lot of health benefits. Our calves are raised with no creep feed. They are run on lush grass pastures and are weaned vaccinated and ready for sale in October each year. Contact us any time to pre-order your calves!  

Now taking orders for 2023 born steers!

Our 2022 Steer crop is all spoken for, thankyou to all buyers for your patronage

Looking to grow your own beef?