Premium Hereford Beef

We have been raising quality Hereford beef since 1988. Our customers are consuming a product that was born and raised at Copper-T Ranch using humane production practices and processed in a BC government inspected facility.  Our beef has great taste, texture, and flavour.


We believe in raising healthy cattle. Our animals are raised with NO growth implants or artificial hormones.  We do not mass treat or mass feed antibiotics to our cattle. We do, however, believe in treating sick or injured animals.  However we follow strict protocols when it comes to withdrawal times for any treated animals.  No animal leaves the farm headed for our meat market with any residuals from treatment in its system.  We are certified under the national program Verified Beef Production Plus. 


We have beef for sale year round. To order you can select from our list of individual cuts to make your own package, you can give us a dollar amount and we will create a package of cuts for you or you can purchase a side which gives you all the cuts for a slightly better price.  If a side is too big-ask about our split sides.  If you would like to order a certain cut that you don’t see on our list please ask.  Our fall sides come from animals which have been out on grass all summer (grass fed) while our spring sides are from animals fed free-choice quality hay and a limited amount of locally grown barley over the winter months (forage fed).


We are proud to supply ground beef and processed meats for purchase at "Canada's Grocery Store and More" in Fraser Lake. We also sell locally at the Fraser Lake Community Market during the summer.

Our Premium Hereford Beef is for sale by the piece year-round. Limited amount of Sides and split sides available bi-annually. Please click on Order Form below or call for more information.


Premium Hereford Beef

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