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Beef in BC, 15 July 2017 -
"The Ranch Sustainability Award: Copper-T Ranch
Congratulations to Trevor and Janice Tapp from Copper-T Ranch near Fraser Lake, B.C. on receiving the 2017 BCCA Ranch Sustainability Award. The Award, formerly called the Environmental Stewardship Award, recognizes ranchers that have demonstrated excellence in environmental stewardship and sustainability.
The Tapps have demonstrated strong environmental stewardship. This is evidenced through their care of the shoreline and riparian habitat. Two creeks, Perry and Stern, flow through the ranch into Fraser Lake. Part of the ranch is situated along approximately 5000 feet of shoreline. The lake provides the drinking water for the community and is a valuable recreation area with cabins, resorts, lodges, residential homes, recreation sites and a provincial park located on it. The area is rich with wildlife, waterfowl and the lake supports a variety of fish species including rainbow trout, lake trout, burbot, lake char and sturgeon.

Canada's beef cattle producers take great pride in their animals, their operations, the environment and the product they raise. The Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program enables Registered beef cattle producers to prove to consumers and retailers that they adhere to the highest standards for food safety, animal care and environmental stewardship.
Increasingly, beef retailers aim to assure the beef they sell to customers comes from beef cattle operations doing the 'right things'. Just saying so doesn't cut it anymore though. Most of the time production practices must be verified or audited by a trustworthy program. Consumers place faith in this and retailers can use it. This is where VBP+ fits like a glove.
For over a decade the Verified Beef Production program has helped producers meet industry standards for food safety. It's a trusted, cost effective and field proven program providing education, resource materials and audit services to verify the food-safe commitment of Canadian beef operations.
Now, with the addition of animal care, biosecurity and environmental stewardship components to create VBP+, the program becomes the complete package to validate sustainable beef production practices at the farm, ranch and feedlot levels across Canada.
VBP+ validates responsible production practices. It requires a small time commitment, easy to follow and convenient training, up-to-date records and opening up to oversight through a third party audit. Going the extra step to get VBP+ Registered is the common sense way producers can demonstrate they are proud of their product, the care they provide their beef animals, and their commitment to land management and conservation.


About Us

Copper-T Ranch has been raising Hereford cattle since 1988. The herd is built on strict culling and selection processes. It is made up of easy-doing cattle with great dispositions, conformation and performance. Bulls, heifers and 4H calves are available for public sale annually.
In addition to raising cattle, Copper-T Ranch sells its own premium Hereford beef. No hormone implants or growth enhancers are used and all beef is government inspected. Beef is available by the piece all year and by the side or split side seasonally. Beef is available for public sale at the ranch as well as at the local Grocery Store in Fraser Lake.

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